About Juliet

Hi there!

My name is Juliet. I sometimes go by Julie, Jules or Jule, depending on what family member or friend I am talking to. 🙂

About me…..

  • I was born in Texas, raised in NC, and currently live on the beautiful SC coast.
  • I am married to the most amazing guy in the world.
  • I adore God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. They are life!
  • I believe in freedom, justice and liberty.
  • I am a deep thinker but also a kid at heart!
  • From the time I was little I’ve had prophetic dreams/visions/words of knowledge about my own life and other’s lives, sometimes strangers. I am highly sensitive to the spirit realm and sometimes “see” in the spirit.
  • I am passionate about encouraging and praying for others.
  • I have an entrepreneur’s heart. I’ve owned several businesses and I’m currently gathering ideas for another venture!
  • Things I love! The ocean – I will always be a beach girl! LOVE my morning coffee, writing in my journal and spending time with God, visiting local parks to walk or have a picnic, renovating and decorating, learning, reading books, self-development. I especially love thrift stores!

I hope there is something you find on this “journal” that resonates with you, gives you hope, makes you smile or lifts you up! Visit anytime and feel free to drop me a line to say hello or request prayer. I’d love to hear from you!