Our First Garden

I am SO excited about our new vegetable and flower garden! This is the first time I’ve grown things from seeds, except some cotton I grew as a kid (https://heyjules.cc/just-a-little-cotton/). What an experience! We were all in, and germinated a bunch of organic vegetables and flowers. The seeds we purchased were from Park Seed and Lowes. Some seeds were planted in empty plastic egg cartons and some we put into paper towels, wet them, put them into plastic bags and covered until they started to grow roots. Next time around we will plant the seeds in larger pots. Plants do not like being moved over and over! This was a good lesson.

We are already eating the lettuce and it’s awesome. I can’t wait to try the tomatoes. What I am especially happy about are the flowers. Aren’t they amazing?

This pink zinnia is my favorite. It looks like a tiny pin cushion with yellow flowers and “stitching” around them. Just amazing. God is the best artist.

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